Providing personal testimony in support of The FAMLI Equity Act (HB3031) is one of the most powerful ways you can let lawmakers know that the bill is important to you. It doesn’t have to be long or formal and you don’t have to be a policy expert — your heartfelt words in just a few paragraphs make a difference.

Things to Know

Your Testimony

Address your testimony as follows:

Dear Chair and Members of the Committee,

Section 1

Write 1-2 sentences to identify yourself, where you’re from, and that you are writing in support of HB 3031, the FAMLI Equity Act.

Section 2

Write 2-3 sentences on why you support HB 3031, the FAMLI Equity Act. Remind lawmakers that this is a benefit to both our economy and to our families.

Section 3

Explain why you believe we need a universal paid family and medical leave policy and share your personal experience. You can use one of the following suggestions as a starting point for how you want to talk about this issue or think of your own examples!

  • Parents and families aren’t able to take time off to care for themselves, a new born baby, or our parents at the end of life.
  • If I get seriously ill, and need time to take medical leave from my work, I will fall behind, go into debt, or lose everything I have worked for. Or I simply won’t be able to take the time off and my health will suffer.
  • The U.S. is one of the only countries in the world that does not provide paid family medical leave for workers. This puts employers, employees, and the economy at a disadvantage.
  • The family I need to care for won’t be counted in how our law defines American families — and we will get left behind.
  • I had a baby and had to go back to work way too fast. This had long-lasting consequences for me and my family.
  • My parents are aging and need help, but I won’t be able to take any time off to care for them.
    I lost a job, or wages, because there were no paid leave policies where I work. We can do better.

How to Submit

Submit your testimony by Sunday, March 24th at 5PM.

Submit Testimony

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