Kevin’s story

kevin and rachel and familyWhen our baby was born in early 2015, I was only able to take a couple days off work.  That was all we could afford.  Plus, I had to be back at the job or else my employer would have replaced me.   Our medical bills for the baby’s birth were high and we were truly scared we would end up losing everything.  Paid family and medical leave would have made a huge difference.  It would have meant security – not having to worry about not paying bills, being able to spend time with my family and not stress about the money.  My wife Rachel had a difficult recovery – she could hardly walk for at least a week after, and it was really hard to take care of the baby by herself.  It would have made a big difference for the whole family if I could have been home to help.

I believe it is very important for men to have paid family and medical leave because it would change the whole dynamic of families. It would build a family bond from the beginning, and it would help to level the playing field in the work place because both men and women would be expected to take time off for a baby.  It would also change children’s lives, because fathers could be more involved. Many men like me want to take time off work when our children are born but can’t because of finances and fear of losing our jobs.”

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