Today, we’re launching our Time for Oregon campaign!

On this Labor Day, a day that honors all the kinds of labor that make our state great, we’re launching Time for Oregon, a campaign to win paid family and medical leave for all Oregon families. We named this campaign Time for Oregon because it’s high time to prioritize caregivers and to recognize the value of caregiving – and because it’s time for Oregon to make this long-overdue change a priority.   

Sable, a Family Forward activist shared her experience of not having access to paid family and medical leave at a recent event:

“My lack of paid family and medical leave left my family in financial debt.  If I had been able to have my baby and take the paid time to care for myself and meet our bonding and his medical needs, our family would be in a more secure place right now.” Read her full story here.

Experiences like these are why a growing group of partners are now working together to bring paid family and medical leave to ALL Oregonians, and today we need your help to amplify the message that taking time to care for our families, loved ones, and ourselves is important. We hope you’ll  take some time to look around the website, “like” our Facebook page, and follow us on Twitter –  and help us spread the word about this campaign!

If you have a story to share about having or not having access to paid family and medical leave, we want to hear from you! You can share your story here or get in contact with us at